Inside New Balance


We stand for something bigger than sneakers. We champion those who are fearlessly driven by their passions. We elevate sport. We do right by people and the planet. Together, we drive meaningful change in communities around the world.






"It's easy to measure New Balance's remarkable growth by tracking product development, global sales and marketing and building expansion. It's not as easy to measure the growth of what's behind it all: people"

Jim and Anne Davis


Our goal is to help you achieve yours.

At New Balance, our job is to aid athletes in their pursuits, whether that means helping professional athletes set records and win medals, or propelling everyday athletes to achieve a new PR, run their first 5K, or just live a more healthy and active lifestyle.

Our products are the perfect blend of function and fashion, giving you the performance technology you need and the style you want.

Our associates around the world bring these goals to life with their high-level skills and creativity, While we offer the best product on the market, we're equally committed to giving back. So while we look to succeed, we believe in ensuring others have the same opportunity.


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